Change Order Authorization
A new permission for Change Order Approval gives you more control of your change order workflow. Now, whether it's an internal or external CO, you can seamlessly approve your employees change orders. Or, decline a change order to allow for corrections or changes before your client sees it. Turning this permission on or off by user is available in the settings with all other permissions.
CO Approval Recording
Proposal Service Section Improvements
In addition to various visual improvements that have been made to the service section of the proposal, you can now change the title of this section, add in a custom section description and hide the option for your client to decline a service plan.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 9
Service Management Improvements
Your Service Management home page and Service Call page now feature several new columns. You may now see when the Service Call was scheduled as well as if there are any Next Steps. We've also included a couple additional features to assist you in building out your plans: Automatic Renewals and Equipment/Material Discounts.
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • Filter your Change Order list by individual change orders within a project
  • Turn on/off columns in a Quote, and can now show Length where applicable
  • Permissions to control who can change the project or opportunity stage
  • Toggle to turn off item validation for labor on owner furnished items