1) Give us the opportunity to toggle between the Opportunity Dashboard and Project Dashboard from the Dashboard View (if you have the predetermined access to see both).
2) Key Dates - ADD to Dashboard... I want to be able to see Key Dates pop up on the Dashboard for Project Management. We can't miss them. We need to be able to see these date reminders in one place vs having to go into dozens of projects all of the time to check on those dates.
3) Custom Dashboards - Ability to move things around like Evernote dashboard and choose which windows we want to see or not to see.
4) Make project timelines (aka Phases) viewable in a Gantt Chart View. This is absolutely necessary for Project management that Asana and other do.
5) The Gantt chart should be viewable per project in the project overview of the each project and Also on the dashboard for key dates / per project as in what is coming up (30 day forecast)