Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Global Create New
Save time and create opportunities, change orders, and more with a single click by utilizing the new Global Create button.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 10
New Service Plan Features
We have added three new features to help you further personalize your service plans: Images, Attachments and Terms & Conditions Agreement! Give your plans more flair by uploading an image that can be displayed with your service plans on your proposals. Give your plans more detail and context by attaching documents, images and more, that your clients can download when reviewing the plan specifications. This will also help you share any required materials with your clients. Finally, check our "Require Client Agreement" box when editing your service plan and we will make sure your client agrees to all plan terms and conditions prior to accepting the proposal.
Proposal Optional Price Difference Toggle
Have greater control over your proposal's display by hiding the price difference for optional items, locations and systems. If toggled off, no pricing information will be shown for optional items. This option is perfect for displaying only the total of an optional location or system, rather than displaying the price difference for each individual item!
Optional Price Difference
Barcode Fields
We're thrilled to introduce the addition of UPC, EAN, and ITF barcode fields to our catalog section. Now, customers can effortlessly input or import barcode data into their catalogs, enhancing product identification. Whether manually entering data or importing in bulk, users gain flexibility and convenience. These enhancements aim to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Simply navigate to the catalog section in your account to get started, and refer to our updated documentation for guidance.
Expanded Catalog Permissions
With this update, customers gain greater control over who can create, edit, and delete catalog items, empowering administrators to fine-tune access rights according to organizational needs. Whether managing a small team or a large enterprise, users can now enforce customized permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Simply navigate to the user & permissions section within the account settings to configure access levels tailored to your requirements.
Small things
  • Can now search your change orders within a project
  • Additional stage and state colors available in Settings
  • Removed redundancy in the navigation bar
  • Various small UI improvements
Service Plans Moved to the Catalog
Managing your service plans just got a little bit easier! You can now view, edit and even create new service plans directly inside your catalog. This will make it easier to manage everything that you sell from one central location!
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 12
Change Order Labor Hours
When clients change their minds about specific products after labor has already been invested, that can create messiness in your change orders. Ensuring accurate billing by retaining associated labor costs after removing products from a change order.
Remove Item Confirmation Modal
Client Merging
Consolidate duplicate or related client profiles to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your database. Simplify your workflow and save time, all while maintaining organized and up-to-date client records.
Group 37913
Redesigned New Opportunity
Creating a new opportunity is easier and the content has been rearranged to make more sense, and, you can now track whether a project is going to be bid/spec or design/build.
New Opportunity - Client Details - Residential - Existing Client@2x
Multimedia Proposal "Group by None" Option
You now have the ability to group by "None" within the product section of your proposals. This will allow you to list all items in one block together regardless of location, system, phase or category.
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 12
Aggregate Sub Location Totals
If you are someone who often sells sub-locations, you now have the option to include the totals of your sub location within the total of your parent location. This will easily provide you with a bottom line number for the location as a whole including all of its sub locations.
Aggregate Location Totals
Quote "Sort By" Preferences Automatically Saved
Your "Sort By" selection when editing a quote will now be remembered and auto selected for both the current quote that you are in, as well as any other quotes you open going forward.
Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 12
Updated Project Payments Chart
We have updated the payments chart that you see on your project overview page! It now will display the percentage of the project total that is in each status, along with the corresponding dollar amounts. For example, a $100,000 job might have 25% percent paid, which would equal $25,000.
Payments Info Viz
Small things
  • Filter by stage group
  • Can now open navigation items in a new tab with the standard ctrl+click or cmd+click (mac) keyboard shortcuts
  • Various small UI improvements






Release 71: Drag & Drop Items on Quote

Drag & Drop Items on the Quote List View
You can now use the proposal "sort by" options to re-arrange items within the list view of your quotes! This means that you can match the quote "sort by" selection to that of the proposal, including the customizable "Display Order". Selecting this option will allow you to drag and drop items to rearrange them on your quote! Note that any changes made to these customizable options will carry over to the associated proposal and vice versa.
Display Order
Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 7
QuickBooks Desktop Status Updates
We are excited to announce our new two way communication with QuickBooks Desktop! When an invoice is sent or paid off by your client, you will receive a pop up notification in your QuickBooks Desktop connector app. Once you click "yes" on this pop-up, the status of the connected D-Tools Cloud payment request will automatically update accordingly to either "Payment Requested" or "Paid".
Update Similar Item Length in Quote
When updating similar item instances in your quotes, you now have the option to update the length. Simply check the box at the bottom of the "Update Similar Instances" modal and all of the lengths of the similar items will be updated to match that of the selected item.
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 10
Proposal Cover Section Improvements
Further customize your proposal cover section by hiding the name and date of the quote you are presenting.
Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 7
Stage Groupings
The capability to establish stage groups can significantly enhance the organization of your project stages, making project management clearer and workflows more efficient. By categorizing and managing stages in a structured manner, you can improve overall organization and productivity.
Favorite Items
Do you have favorite products that you often add to your quotes? You can now mark any item in your catalog as a favorite by clicking on the star icon when viewing the item within any quote or when viewing your catalog. Any item within your catalog can be marked as a favorite including products, packages, labor types, allowances and alternate sets. You can then easily view and search through your list of favorites to add items into any future quote or drawing.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 10
Package Discounts
You now have the power to apply discounts to packages as a whole! While you previously had the ability to discount items inside of packages, you can now apply discounts to the total price whether its a fixed price package or if it's computed from the items.
Package Discount
Image Hotspots for Proposal Gallery & Portfolio Sections
Add an interactive element to your proposal gallery and portfolio sections with image hotspots! Now you can annotate your images with product details and important information that your clients can easily access by just hovering over the hotspot. This added functionality will make your proposals stand out and provide a more comprehensive and engaging experience for your clients. Showcase your previous work or plans for this job in a whole new way while giving your clients the information they need to make an informed decision.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
Hotspots 1
Edit Hotspots
Separate Numbers for Internal and External Change Orders
Looking to have separate sequences for your internal and external change order numbers? Simply turn this on within your project settings and any new change orders will be numbered according to whether they are internal or external.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 10
Custom Colors for Scheduling
Further customize your schedules with custom colors! You can now assign any color your wish to a scheduled event, or you can select from our list of default colors.
Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 10
Expand & Collapse Sub Locations
You now have the ability to expand and collapse sub-locations within the design view of the quote and within settings when editing your default locations.
Expand:Collapse Locations
Custom Tax Label in Summary Section
Easily customize the "Tax" label displayed in the proposal Summary section within the Summary editor menu.
Tax Label
Inline Editing of Labor Hours
Save time by easily editing labor hours inline within your quote and change order design views. Simply click on the box within the "QTY" column to edit these hours without opening the item's entire detail menu.
Inline Labor Hours
Rich Text Snippets
You can now easily save blocks of rich text to be pasted into future quotes, proposals, projects, service plans, notes and more! Our new "snippets" feature can be found within any of our rich text editors and allows you to save text on the fly and paste it wherever it is needed in the future. This will help you expedite your workflow by not having to re-type or hunt down text that you want to re-use!
Learn more about snippets in our documentation center here!
Client Page Payment Tab
Easily view all payments for a client directly within their client page. By selecting the payment tab, you will be shown a complete list of payment terms for all projects, service contracts and service calls for that client. You can filter to view specific payments and even request a new payment directly from this screen.
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 8
Auto Select Optional Items
Looking to add items to your proposals that are highly recommended, but still optional? You can now make optional items selected by default on your proposals. After making an item a "Client Selectable Option", you will see a new toggle titled "Include item by default". Turning this toggle on will make the item automatically selected on the proposal, so that clients have to "opt-out" of this optional item rather than opting-in. While optional items have traditionally not been factored into location, system, or quote totals until selected by your client, any item that is "included by default" will also be included in all bottom line numbers when viewing your quote unless un-selected.
Learn more about optional items, locations and systems here!
Auto Select Optionals
Service Call Digital Sign-off
We are pleased to introduce Service Call Digital Sign-off, a new and enhanced feature that improves your experience with our Service Call feature. Your clients will be able to receive a comprehensive summary of the services rendered during a service visit thanks to this simplified method that ensures transparency. With this new update, clients may now quickly review and sign off on the comprehensive summary right within our platform. We believe this feature will significantly improve communication and satisfaction, resulting in smoother collaboration with your clients.
"Paid in Person" Status Update Customization
You asked and we listened! If your client chooses to submit a payment "In Person", that payment request will no longer be marked as "Paid" by default. However, if you wish for in person payments to continue to be marked as "Paid" automatically, you can toggle on this preference within your integration settings.
Learn more about tracking in person payments here!
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 10
Display Client's Primary Contact
You now have greater customization over how your client's information is displayed on proposals, and you can now display your client's primary contact information including name, email and phone.
Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 10



Project Management


Release 68: New Dashboards and Reporting Information

New Project and Opportunities Dashboards
Have a more streamlined Dashboard experience, allowing you to focus on what's most important to you and achieve your goals faster by quickly and easily finding better organized information and actions on the Dashboard.
Dashboar - Projects - R67
Dashboard - Opportunities - R67
New Sales Results and Forecast Dashboards
Better understand and predict your business's performance with the redesigned Sales Forecast and Sales Dashboard! This new look will also include a revamped sales pipeline and additional metrics like projections by month and owner. Advanced filtering coupled with detailed sales metrics gives you a closer look at important metrics like Sales by Product, Labor, etc., Close Rates, and Sales Cycle.
Reports - Sales Results - November Release
Reports - Sales Forecast - November Release
Service Plan Estimated Start Date
Looking to give your clients a better idea of when their service plan is set to begin? You now have the ability to specify either a date or number of days after project completion for the commencement of their service plan. For example, you may already know that you want to begin the service plan on November 25th, 2023. You may also want to start the service plan upon project completion, or a set number of days after project completion. Once specified on a quote, the selected time will then be displayed on the proposal. Once accepted, you can see this date at any time under the service contract details and the contract will automatically start on that date. Once it becomes the specified date, will send you an email notification as a reminder. For further details, read more about this topic here.
Service Plan Proposal Display Options
On the service plan section of the proposal, your recommended plan is expanded by default, while all other plans are collapsed. However, you now have three options of how you can display your service plans: all expanded, all collapsed or only the recommended plan expanded with all others being collapsed.
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 10
Permission Turned On for CO Approval
The Approve or Reject Change Orders permission will now be turned on by default to help reduce confusion if the approval process isn't something you use at your company. If you do use the approval process and want your employees to request approval for a change order, it can simply be turned back off in the settings under the Project Permissions.
Custom Names for Additional Site Addresses
You now have the ability to assign custom names to any site address that you provide for your clients! This will make it easier than ever to distinguish between multiple properties that your client may own.
Site Name
Save Rich Text Editor Changes
It's happened to everyone, you type some beautifully written paragraphs and then you accidentally close the tab or press the esc key and all of your work is lost. To prevent this from happening within Cloud, you can now save your work as you go within any of our rich text editors. As an added layer of protection, we also now ask you to confirm that you want to close the window without saving any time you press the esc key.
WYSIWYG Save Changes
Persisting Alternate & Optional Item Price Difference
Offering item alternates and optional items to your clients? The price difference for these alternate and optional items will now be displayed even if "item price" is turned off. This will allow you to disclose the price difference to your clients even if you do not like to display individual item prices on your proposals.
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 10
Time Entries without Required Task
Easily submit time entries in more locations to streamline your workflow! Find this ability on the Dashboards, Opportunities, Project, and To Dos home pages. A Project Task is now optional, allowing you to expand your uses for Time Entries to cover all of your needs and improve your payroll processes.
Time Tracking
Service Opportunities
We are excited to announce the latest addition to our service management suite - the Service Opportunities feature. This feature empowers users to create and offer service plans to both new and existing clients, streamlining the process of managing service opportunities and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Service Call Time Tracking Improvements
In response to your feedback and needs for precise time tracking, we have enhanced the feature to date and time stamp the beginning and end of service calls. This update ensures accurate time tracking, helping you streamline your operations.
Billing Dashboard
You can now view and manage all of your payment requests, across all clients, within our new "Billing" tab. Whether its a payment request for a project, service contract or service call, you can view them all within one central location! We will even tell you which payment requests you have to pay special attention to within our interactive payment request summary section.
Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 9
Quickbooks Two Way Status Updates
We are excited to announce our new two way status updates with QuickBooks Online! When an invoice is sent or paid off by your client, the status of the connected D-Tools Cloud payment request will automatically update accordingly to either "Payment Requested" or "Paid".
Rich Text Editor for Drawings
Add extra detail into your drawings with our new rich text editor! In addition to our existing single line text option, you can now add in rich text boxes that contain multi-line text, bullet point or numbered lists, images and so much more!
New Customizable Quote Columns
Customize your quote list view with five new optional columns: Unit Cost, Unit Price, Margin, Markup and Taxable. If you would like to see this information for the items you have added to your quote, easily make these columns visible in the new "Hide/Show Columns" selector.
Quote List View New Columns
Search by Site Address
You can now effortlessly search opportunities, projects, and service items using client site addresses. Say goodbye to hunting through client names and hello to a smarter search experience.
Search Feature Gif
Rejected Change Order Notification and Email
When you decline a change order, the submitter will receive an email and an in-app notification, providing an explanation for the rejection. Stay informed and foster transparent communication!
Rejected Change Order Explanation Modal
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • Ability to mark Clients as inactive instead of deleting them, should they return in the future
  • Introduces indeterminate state for checkboxes so you know that multiple, but not all, options are selected in a list
  • Filter between office and field users on your schedulers
Modus 360 Section
D-Tools Cloud has partnered with Modus VR to bring you our new "Modus 360" section that can be added to your proposals. Wow your clients with embedded 360 images of past jobs or to give them a realistic vision of the work you will be performing for them on a specific project! For this section, you can customize the title, description and add in as many Modus 360 images as you'd like!
Home Theater
To add a Modus 360 image, go to the Edit view of the proposal, click "Add Section" in the panel on the left, and add the "Modus 360" section. Now you will see the options to change the section title, add a description, and embed code for the Modus 360 image. You will need to select the "Copy for D-Tools" button within your Modus 360 account, and paste the resulting code into this section. This code is specifically formatted to render in your D-Tools Cloud proposal. You also have the option to add multiple images. When multiple images are added, they appear one below the other in the proposal.
Read more about this feature in our documentation center here!
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 8
Change Order Authorization
A new permission for Change Order Approval gives you more control of your change order workflow. Now, whether it's an internal or external CO, you can seamlessly approve your employees change orders. Or, decline a change order to allow for corrections or changes before your client sees it. Turning this permission on or off by user is available in the settings with all other permissions.
CO Approval Recording
Proposal Service Section Improvements
In addition to various visual improvements that have been made to the service section of the proposal, you can now change the title of this section, add in a custom section description and hide the option for your client to decline a service plan.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 9
Service Management Improvements
Your Service Management home page and Service Call page now feature several new columns. You may now see when the Service Call was scheduled as well as if there are any Next Steps. We've also included a couple additional features to assist you in building out your plans: Automatic Renewals and Equipment/Material Discounts.
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • Filter your Change Order list by individual change orders within a project
  • Turn on/off columns in a Quote, and can now show Length where applicable
  • Permissions to control who can change the project or opportunity stage
  • Toggle to turn off item validation for labor on owner furnished items
Service Plan Improvements
Our team has been working hard to deliver powerful upgrades that streamline the process of creating and managing new plans based on your feedback. Some major enhancements include the ability to quickly check what plan features are on other service plans, the ability to copy and change current plan features to pair with new service plans, and the ability to preview service plans to see how they would appear in proposals. Click here for additional information on these enhancements.
Project Payment Collection
Easily collect payment for all stages of your projects! You can now send out payment requests that directly correspond to your project payment schedule. After you create and customize your payment request, you can send it to your client via email or link sharing. These payment requests connect directly to our ProPay, Stripe and CardConnect payment integrations. Once a payment is received, the payment status will automatically be updated and the project owner will be sent both an email and in-app notification. Depending on your accounting integration, these payment requests can even be sent to Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop or Xero as an invoice.
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 8
Recurring Payment Requests for Service Contracts
Effortlessly collect payments for your service contracts by setting up automatic payment requests. Setting up automatic payment requests is an easy, three step process, allowing you to customize your billing schedule, the content of the payment requests and the email that will be sent to your clients. Once set up, your clients will automatically be sent the payment request email on each billing date.
Recurring Payment Requests
Xero Integration for Payment Requests
Easily manage your accounting for projects & service by pushing your payment requests to Xero! Simply create a payment request within D-Tools Cloud and then you will see a banner with the option to send this to request to Xero as an invoice. After mapping your client & items, a Xero invoice will then be created that will be linked to your payment request within D-Tools Cloud.
Billing Frequency Discounts for Service Plans
Want to reward your clients for paying their service contract fee in one lump sum? You can now apply a discount to your service plan based on the billing frequency that is selected by your client. To set up these discounts, simply go into "Settings" and look for the "Billing Frequency" tab under the service section. These discounts will then be automatically applied whenever the given billing frequency is set as an option on your quote, and is then selected by your client.
Billing Frequency Discount
Include Service Total in Proposal Summary Section
You can now choose to display your service plans within the summary section of your proposals! Simply toggle on "Show Service Plan" and you will see it listed within your summary.
Service in Summary Section
Add Item Image to Catalog Via URL
Looking to quickly add images from the internet to items in your catalog? You can now simply copy and paste the image URL and the picture will be added to the item's catalog listing!
Add Image Via URL
View Service Contract Payments & Service Calls from within an Associated Project
Easily view and manage payment requests and calls for your service contracts directly within the associated project! When you go into the service section of your project, you will now see a "Payments" tab where you can view and manage the service contract's payment schedule and even send out new payment requests! You will also see a "Calls" tab, where you can view, manage and create new service calls for this contract.
Tabs for Payments & Calls
Remove & Reorder Multimedia Cover Section
You now have the power to easily remove the cover section from your proposals! The Multimedia cover section will now function just like any other section, where you can add, remove and reorder it within the proposal editor. This option is perfect for those who wish to hide this section on PDF downloads or for proposals that you wish to keep brief.
Remove Multimedia Cover Section
Expand Product Alternates by Default
Worried that your clients are going to scroll right past their alternate options on a proposal? Never fear, you now have the ability to expand item alternates by default! Simply turn on the "Expand alternate items" toggle in your product section editor menu, and all alternate selections will be expanded by default.
Expand Product Alternates
Edit "Product" Title within Proposal Summary Section
Further customize the summary section of your proposals by editing the "Product" label that corresponds to the total of all the products that have been added to your proposal.
Edit "Product" Title
Use Data Tags in Payment Request Messaging
Make your payment requests even more personalized to your client by inserting auto-fill data tags into the payment request message. You can view and select these tags by typing the @ symbol within the payment request message box and then select the one you want to include in your message. These tags will autofill in your payment request preview for final review before sending it off to your client.
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 1
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