BOM Consolidation and Status Editing
Working within a project is now simpler than ever! The "View BOM" button has been removed from the header and consolidated into a project's left navigation bar along with the Images and Floor Plans being consolidated into the Visual section of the navigation bar. You no longer have to jump back and forth between similar views.
Project description can be found at the top of the BOM section and the Review section can be found in the left navigation bar as it was when BOM was separated. We've expanded item status functionality by allowing you to edit an item's status within the BOM as well as Item Status section.
Quickbooks Online Integration for Service Payment Requests
Easily manage your accounting for service contracts and calls by pushing your payment requests to Quickbooks. Simply create a payment request within D-Tools Cloud and then you will see a banner with the option to send this to request to Quickbooks Online as an invoice. In future releases you can expect to see this process become more streamlined and include two way status updates. This integration works only for Quickbooks Online, with Quickbooks Desktop functionality coming soon.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Service Section Editor Menu
Customize the display of the service plans being offered on your proposals with our new service section editor menu. Within this menu, you will see options to hide or show specific details of your service plans as well as an option to show your plans fully expanded.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Service Call Drive Time
You can now easily add drive time to your service calls and display the associated pricing on your payment requests.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Select Proposal PDF Download Layout
You now have the power to mix and match layouts for your proposal digital presentation and PDF download. Love our classic Multimedia proposal layout but enjoy the condensed look of the Quick Quote or vice versa? Then this feature is perfect for you. Just go into the PDF editor menu on the proposal to select the layout that fits your needs.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Quick Quote Improvements
Various improvements have been made to the Quick Quote proposal layout including the ability to show item descriptions, responsive formatting, executive summary improvements, display of group total even if item unit price is turned off and various bug fixes.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Save Signed Proposals
Once a proposal is accepted, the signed pdf will automatically be saved to your opportunity attachments. This button will persist even if the quote is unaccepted.
Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 2
Ready to be Ordered Supplier View
Do you need to know if there are items that are ready to be ordered from a particular supplier across all projects? Do you want to create a single purchase order for that supplier? If so, this feature is for you. You now have the ability to create a purchase order per supplier.
Supplier View
Items & Accessory Conversion
You can now easily covert your items to accessories and vice versa. Just select the ellipses menu next to the item and select the conversion that you wish to make.
itemaccessory conversion
Improved UX for Dashboard
The dashboard has been reconfigured to help you better focus on your daily tasks and the view that is important to you. And, switching between Opportunities and Projects views is now easier.
Dashboard Gif
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • New Purchase Order Insights
  • Payment Terms into ellipses menu
  • US-based phone number formatting
  • Improved UI experience for adding a resource to a project, to do, etc.
  • See service plan discount in payment terms and project views
New Service Feature
Create and sell customized service plans that fit your unique needs. And, track and manage service calls all in one place. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can efficiently manage all of your service-related tasks and simplify your business operations!
Add Shapes to Visual Quotes
  • You now have the option to add shapes to your visual quotes, image quotes and whiteboards! Easily select from our list of shapes and customize the size, orientation, and location of the selected shape.
Customize Text in Visual Quotes, Whiteboards & Image Quotes
  • Further customize your visual quotes, image quotes and whiteboards with our new functionality that has been added to the "text" feature! You now have the ability to make your text bold, italic or change the color of your text all together.
New Keyboard Shortcuts for Drawings
  • Building out your visual quote faster and more efficiently by making use of our expanded set of keyboard shortcuts.
Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 8
Visual Improvements to Visual Quotes, Whiteboards & Image Quotes
  • Design your visual quotes in a snap with our new and improved toolbar! It is now easier than ever to draw new locations, add images and so much more!
  • Mock up your design even faster with our new and improved whiteboarding & image quoting layouts! Impress your clients by easily adding images, shapes and products to your whiteboards and image quotes, bringing their vision to life right before your eyes.
New PDF Footer Options
Further customize your proposal & change order PDF footers with our expanded list of autofill data options to select from. This expanded list now includes your company name, email, phone number and address.
Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 10
Hide/Show Package Item Prices
You now have the power to hide the prices of items within packages on your proposals, while still showing the prices of everything else. To enable this toggle, make sure that "Summarize package" is toggled off and "Item total price" is toggled on.
package item price
Project Management
Proposal Data Tags
Make your proposal descriptions and paragraph sections a little more personal with data tags! The same autofill data tags that we introduced within emails are now available within the proposal. You can view and select these tags by typing the @ symbol within any proposal text editor, and once you save the text, your tag will be replaced with proposal specific data. You can even add these tags to your proposal templates for instant personalization.
Data Tags
Group Proposal By Phase
Everyone likes to sell their jobs differently. Some like to sell according to location, others sell by system or category. We have heard demand from those of you who like to sell according to phase and have listened! Within your proposals, you now have the power to group all of your products and labor by the phase that they fall into.
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 1
Quick Add Button In a Quote
Experience faster and more efficient product selection with streamlined quote building! Easily add products to your drawings or lists with just one click. Say goodbye to time-consuming clicking and hello to a smoother workflow.
Visual Quoting Improvements
In addition to a variety of bug fixes, you will notice some updates to visual quoting. These include changes to the search bar to improve the experience of adding items to your visual quote, as well as a redesign to the toggle that switches you between product and wirepath modes. These changes are the first of many to come over the next few releases!
Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 10
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • CSV exports in the catalog can now contain images with a designated column for a URL
  • Ability to search for a client by billing address
  • Ability to edit the project number within a project
  • "People" has been renamed "Accounts" in anticipation of future feature improvements and additions
  • Client types have been reworked to better represent businesses and individuals
Performance Improvements
Optional Sets
Optional sets are the perfect solution if you are looking to give your clients a higher level of customization on your jobs. Optional sets are the same as alternate sets, but without a recommended item. On your proposal, your clients will be able to read though all options in the set and select the one choice that best fits their needs. For example, which sound system would you like to add on to this job: good, better or best?
Optional Sets
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3
Executive Summary Section in Multimedia Proposal
Loving the new "Executive Summary" section featured in the Quick Quote proposal layout? Good news! This section is now available for the Multimedia proposal as well. This will allow you to display location/system descriptions and totals without showing all of the individual items.
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3
New Autofill Data Tag Options
You asked and we listened! We have expanded the selection of data tags that you can select from on your emails based off of the top requests from you, our users. These new tags include: project name, opportunity name, quote name, change order name, version number, quote number, project number & change order number.
Replace Item Improvements
A few improvements have been made to the replace item feature within the quote. You now can easily specify that you would only like to replace the currently selected item. You can also maintain the old item's price when replacing with a new item.
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3
Search Quote Number
When searching through your opportunities, you can now type in individual quote numbers and the results will return only the opportunity that contains the specified quote.
New "Quick Quote" Proposal Layout
You now have the power to make your proposal experience just as unique as your company! In addition to our classic multimedia proposal experience, we now our new quick quote layout. With its minimalistic layout and succinct language, the quick quote layout is perfect for small jobs and repeat clients. You can create and customize templates just for this new layout. Learn more about the quick quote layout here.
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 7
New Data & Information from Suppliers!
Provide your customers with the most up-to-date information by keeping track of when and how often your connected partners update their pricing and product lists. With the new Partner view, you can also see key metrics such as pricing type and availability in your country, ensuring that you have all the information you need to accurately serve your customers.
Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 2
Copy Items to Another Location or System
Your quoting process just got a little easier with our new "Copy Items" feature! You now have the ability to copy all items from one location/system to one or multiple other locations/systems.
Copy To
Highlight & Change Description Text Color
Our text editor menus just got a little more colorful! You now have the power to modify the text color or highlight bits of text within any text editor menu. This includes project descriptions, proposal paragraph sections, notes, to-dos and so much more.
Highlight & Change Text Color
Proposal Item Description Settings
You now have 4 different options of how to display your item descriptions on the proposal:
  • Hide Descriptions
  • Show Short Descriptions
  • Show Abbreviated Long Descriptions with "View More" Button
  • Show Full Long Descriptions
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 11
PDF Download Footer Customization
Add more personalization to your proposal PDF exports with our new suite of footer customizations. In addition to the current quote version, date downloaded and page number options, you now have the ability to include the date created or changed, quote number, quote name, customer name, and company website.
PDF Footer Customizations
Location-Specific Browser Tabs
Improve your organization and efficiency by staying on top of your tabs in Cloud. Easily locate and access important documents and tasks, and keep your workflow running smoothly.
Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 2
Various performance and interface improvements, and bug fixes
  • The PO# on any card or list is now clickable to go to that PO
  • The client name on any kanban board can now take you to that client's detailed view
  • Project name and # now appear on CSV exports from the Item Statuses page
Optional Locations & Systems
Sell more by presenting your clients with optional locations and systems that they can choose to add on to their job. Show clients your vision and allow them to select these add ons right in your proposal. Once they make a selection, all product and labor totals will be automatically updated on their proposal in real time.
Make Optional
Client Page Redesign
The client page has been overhauled to give you quicker access to the information you're really looking for, as well as a few new features such as the ability to change opportunity and project statuses, and a glimpse at features yet to come 😉
Client - Detailed View - R57 - Coming Soon Option
Purchase Order Improvements
You now have the ability to leave notes on your purchase orders and export your purchase orders to a CSV file.
Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11
Email "Reply to" and "Send copy to" Options
You can now specify who should receive responses to your emails that are sent through D-Tools Cloud. You can also now send a copy of your emails to multiple members on your team, in addition to yourself.
Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11
Gallery & Attachment Sections on Change Orders
Make change orders more personalized with access to gallery and attachment sections. You have the ability to add these sections onto your change orders in the same way you can for proposals.
Accepted Quote Flags on Kanban Cards
Easily distinguish opportunities that contain accepted proposals just by taking a glance at your kanban cards!
Edit Opportunity Won Date
You now have the ability to edit the won date of an opportunity as you are turning it into a project! To do this, simply click on the date in the upper left hand corner of the "Congratulations" dialog that comes up when you mark the opportunity as won.
Real Time Chat Email Notification Preferences
Turn off or on email notifications that alert you to new messages that you have received via in-app chat.
Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11
Additional Project Type Options
Within settings, you can now designate a default proposal template and set of payment terms for a given project type. This proposal template and payment terms will then be automatically applied to any quote within an opportunity of that type.
Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11
Proposal Product Section Custom Titles
Further customize the product section of your proposal by adding in a custom title!
Quote Version Number Display Options
Further customize the cover sections of your proposals by indicating whether or not you would like the version number to be shown.
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • A special D-Tools badge for users on the Gold Support plan
  • View project stages in list view
  • UI update to the Manage Pricing banner on the Catalog home page
  • Lists all follow the same format throughout Cloud
  • Improved button visibility on Clients and Contacts
  • Ability to see the Owner's name in a CSV import template in Clients & Contacts
  • And more
Real Time Chat
Got a question for the engineering team about the quote you are working on? Need to share a photo from the job site and get advice on a tricky problem? Maybe you just want congratulate the sales team on closing another deal. Whether you are in the field or in the office, stay in constant contact with team members using real time chat! Create one-on-one and group chats, attach files, send voice messages, and manage conversations for more efficient communication and collaboration everyday and on every project.
TalkJS Demo(Desktop view)
Collect Change Order Payments
Easily collect a payment as soon as your client accepts and signs a change order! This feature works with our payment integrations and will look and feel exactly like the deposit collection experience on a proposal. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide a complete suite of payment collection functionality that you will be able to utilize throughout your entire project process!
CO Payment Collection
Customize Proposal Reminder Emails
You now have the ability to customize the text of proposal reminder emails that are sent to your clients. This text will be the same for all reminder emails that you send out, so we recommend making use of our new autofill data tags to give these reminders a personal touch.
Custom Reminder Emails
Autofill Data Tags for Emails
Make your emails a little more personal with our new collection of data tags! These tags include client & contact names, proposal specific information and a variety of opportunity and project owner fields. You can view and select these tags by typing the @ symbol within the email editor and save them to your templates.
Data Tags
New Kanban Sort Options in Opportunities
Get the most out of your Opportunities board! You can now sort by the highest priority or highest value opportunities in your workflow.
Catalog Update Notification
Worried that you might miss out on important catalog updates before sending off your proposals? We now have an additional alert within your quote that will remind you of available updates!
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11
Updated Installer Report
The Installer Report now makes it easier to rapidly identify an item's status. The color on your Item Status page will now match the status on the Installer Report.
New Permission Based Filters for the Dashboard
Now, you can simply switch between the All Projects or All Opportunities filters. This is a terrific approach to quickly check the status of your opportunities or projects.
Updated Create Purchase Order
Purchase orders can be made using a new, more conveniently located button on the item status page.
Client Selectable Options
Sell more by adding on optional items to your proposals! Any item, package, package item, labor line item or accessory can be marked as optional as you put together your quote. These optional items will be displayed on your proposals, but not included in quote totals until they are selected by your client. You have the ability to display these optional items as a group at the end of each system or location, or you can ungroup these optional items so that you can display them with the rest of your products in whatever order you wish. If the items are selected by your client, they will be automatically added to the corresponding project once the proposal is accepted.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
Purchase Training Hours
Need some additional training? Now you can purchase training hours within settings to schedule one-on-one time with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to get some advanced training on best practices, tips & tricks, and more.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
Download Current BOM
Easily share the latest status of your job with your client by sharing the updated bill of materials! This will look exactly like your original proposal, but will be updated to reflect any change orders that have been made. This will give your client a clear and concise view of the current scope of your job without needing to open several different documents!
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
Opportunity Priority
Some opportunities are more time sensitive than others. You can now distinguish between critical, high, medium and low priority opportunities. Easily set the priority when creating the opportunity and filter to see those of a certain priority on the opportunity dashboard.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 8
Download Proposal Attachments
You now have the ability to download a zip file containing all attachments that have been added to your proposal.
Package Items
Your workflow is made a little easier and a little quicker by now being able to see how many items are in a package in the Catalog.
Improved Wirepath User Experience
We've made some small but impactful improvements to our Wirepath feature. It's now easier to set the scale measurements for your drawing and manipulate and draw paths on the page. You will find new tools in the drawing palette for easily switching between editing your scale ruler and drawing new paths. New handles on the wire path make drawing and editing the paths much easier than before.
Project Management
Package Alternates
We are excited to announce that you now have the ability to assign packages as options within an alternate set! The same functionality that you know and love for item alternates can now be applied to packages. Your users can toggle to view all items within the package and select the option that is right for them.
Package Alternates
Portfolio Section
Impress new clients by showing off all of the incredible work that you have completed in our new portfolio section on the proposal! Explore all of what this new section has to offer including multiple layout options and a slider gallery to display project pictures.
Project Description Templates
Standardize your quoting experience and save time by taking advantage of our new project description templates! You can now type up and save a variety of templates and select one as your default.
Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 7
Email Notification Preferences
Feeling like your mailbox is looking a little full? You now have the ability to customize your email notification preferences. This new feature within settings will give you the power to keep your inbox clean and only get notified for events that are important to you!
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 3
Edit Payment Terms
Projects change and so do payment terms! You now have the ability to edit the details of your payment terms including the payment term percentage, description and dates.
Improved Time Tracking
Save time while tracking time by adding multiple resources to a single time entry. This is especially useful when you have multiple resources working on a job together at the same hours. Once entered, these time entries will be listed individually and can be edited separately.
View Task Attachments
View all of your task attachments from one spot! Task attachments will now be visible under project attachments, saving you the hassle of going into each task to find the right attachments.
Display Item Length
Selling a lot of length based items? On your proposals, you can now change the quantity for these items to display the items length. For example, if you were selling 100 feet of wire, the item quantity would show as "100 ft".
Select Client Address Type
Select whether you would like to display the site or billing address of your client on a proposal.
To-Do Improvements
Add a greater level of context and detail to your to-dos by making use of our new priority and client fields. You can now specify which client is associated with a to-do and the priority level: Low, Medium, High or Critical.
Project Management
Scheduling Improvements
Rapidly switch between different views of the calendar, or choose your default view based on your preferences. You can now view by project, resource, or time.
Schedule GIF
Partially Received Quantity on Purchase Orders
With today's supply chain issues, you might be finding that more and more orders are being partially received. You can now specify how many of each item has been received by typing in the received quantity within your purchase orders.
Screen Recording 2022-08-05 at 10
Descriptions & Images on Installer Reports
Instantly provide your installers with more job related information by displaying your proposal location descriptions on the installer report as well. Images within descriptions and item images will now also be displayed on your installer reports for added context.
Internal Change Orders
Sometimes change orders include simple, non-billable modifications. You can now create change orders for that don't need to be approved by your clients with our new internal change order functionality.
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 10
New Way to Create Tasks
You can now create tasks directly in the Tasks view. Work faster and more efficiently by no longer going into each project to create a task.
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 10
Export Complete Item List to CSV
Generate a single CSV Export of the complete project item list, including all items associated with change orders, directly from the main project menu.
Screen Recording 2022-08-05 at 10
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