Favorite Items
Do you have favorite products that you often add to your quotes? You can now mark any item in your catalog as a favorite by clicking on the star icon when viewing the item within any quote or when viewing your catalog. Any item within your catalog can be marked as a favorite including products, packages, labor types, allowances and alternate sets. You can then easily view and search through your list of favorites to add items into any future quote or drawing.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
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Package Discounts
You now have the power to apply discounts to packages as a whole! While you previously had the ability to discount items inside of packages, you can now apply discounts to the total price whether its a fixed price package or if it's computed from the items.
Package Discount
Image Hotspots for Proposal Gallery & Portfolio Sections
Add an interactive element to your proposal gallery and portfolio sections with image hotspots! Now you can annotate your images with product details and important information that your clients can easily access by just hovering over the hotspot. This added functionality will make your proposals stand out and provide a more comprehensive and engaging experience for your clients. Showcase your previous work or plans for this job in a whole new way while giving your clients the information they need to make an informed decision.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
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Edit Hotspots
Separate Numbers for Internal and External Change Orders
Looking to have separate sequences for your internal and external change order numbers? Simply turn this on within your project settings and any new change orders will be numbered according to whether they are internal or external.
Learn more about this feature in our documentation center here!
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Custom Colors for Scheduling
Further customize your schedules with custom colors! You can now assign any color your wish to a scheduled event, or you can select from our list of default colors.
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Expand & Collapse Sub Locations
You now have the ability to expand and collapse sub-locations within the design view of the quote and within settings when editing your default locations.
Expand:Collapse Locations
Custom Tax Label in Summary Section
Easily customize the "Tax" label displayed in the proposal Summary section within the Summary editor menu.
Tax Label
Inline Editing of Labor Hours
Save time by easily editing labor hours inline within your quote and change order design views. Simply click on the box within the "QTY" column to edit these hours without opening the item's entire detail menu.
Inline Labor Hours