Service Plans Moved to the Catalog
Managing your service plans just got a little bit easier! You can now view, edit and even create new service plans directly inside your catalog. This will make it easier to manage everything that you sell from one central location!
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Change Order Labor Hours
When clients change their minds about specific products after labor has already been invested, that can create messiness in your change orders. Ensuring accurate billing by retaining associated labor costs after removing products from a change order.
Remove Item Confirmation Modal
Client Merging
Consolidate duplicate or related client profiles to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your database. Simplify your workflow and save time, all while maintaining organized and up-to-date client records.
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Redesigned New Opportunity
Creating a new opportunity is easier and the content has been rearranged to make more sense, and, you can now track whether a project is going to be bid/spec or design/build.
New Opportunity - Client Details - Residential - Existing Client@2x
Multimedia Proposal "Group by None" Option
You now have the ability to group by "None" within the product section of your proposals. This will allow you to list all items in one block together regardless of location, system, phase or category.
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Aggregate Sub Location Totals
If you are someone who often sells sub-locations, you now have the option to include the totals of your sub location within the total of your parent location. This will easily provide you with a bottom line number for the location as a whole including all of its sub locations.
Aggregate Location Totals
Quote "Sort By" Preferences Automatically Saved
Your "Sort By" selection when editing a quote will now be remembered and auto selected for both the current quote that you are in, as well as any other quotes you open going forward.
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Updated Project Payments Chart
We have updated the payments chart that you see on your project overview page! It now will display the percentage of the project total that is in each status, along with the corresponding dollar amounts. For example, a $100,000 job might have 25% percent paid, which would equal $25,000.
Payments Info Viz
Small things
  • Filter by stage group
  • Can now open navigation items in a new tab with the standard ctrl+click or cmd+click (mac) keyboard shortcuts
  • Various small UI improvements