Release 71: Drag & Drop Items on Quote

Drag & Drop Items on the Quote List View
You can now use the proposal "sort by" options to re-arrange items within the list view of your quotes! This means that you can match the quote "sort by" selection to that of the proposal, including the customizable "Display Order". Selecting this option will allow you to drag and drop items to rearrange them on your quote! Note that any changes made to these customizable options will carry over to the associated proposal and vice versa.
Display Order
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QuickBooks Desktop Status Updates
We are excited to announce our new two way communication with QuickBooks Desktop! When an invoice is sent or paid off by your client, you will receive a pop up notification in your QuickBooks Desktop connector app. Once you click "yes" on this pop-up, the status of the connected D-Tools Cloud payment request will automatically update accordingly to either "Payment Requested" or "Paid".
Update Similar Item Length in Quote
When updating similar item instances in your quotes, you now have the option to update the length. Simply check the box at the bottom of the "Update Similar Instances" modal and all of the lengths of the similar items will be updated to match that of the selected item.
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Proposal Cover Section Improvements
Further customize your proposal cover section by hiding the name and date of the quote you are presenting.
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Stage Groupings
The capability to establish stage groups can significantly enhance the organization of your project stages, making project management clearer and workflows more efficient. By categorizing and managing stages in a structured manner, you can improve overall organization and productivity.