Global Create New
Save time and create opportunities, change orders, and more with a single click by utilizing the new Global Create button.
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New Service Plan Features
We have added three new features to help you further personalize your service plans: Images, Attachments and Terms & Conditions Agreement! Give your plans more flair by uploading an image that can be displayed with your service plans on your proposals. Give your plans more detail and context by attaching documents, images and more, that your clients can download when reviewing the plan specifications. This will also help you share any required materials with your clients. Finally, check our "Require Client Agreement" box when editing your service plan and we will make sure your client agrees to all plan terms and conditions prior to accepting the proposal.
Proposal Optional Price Difference Toggle
Have greater control over your proposal's display by hiding the price difference for optional items, locations and systems. If toggled off, no pricing information will be shown for optional items. This option is perfect for displaying only the total of an optional location or system, rather than displaying the price difference for each individual item!
Optional Price Difference
Barcode Fields
We're thrilled to introduce the addition of UPC, EAN, and ITF barcode fields to our catalog section. Now, customers can effortlessly input or import barcode data into their catalogs, enhancing product identification. Whether manually entering data or importing in bulk, users gain flexibility and convenience. These enhancements aim to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Simply navigate to the catalog section in your account to get started, and refer to our updated documentation for guidance.
Expanded Catalog Permissions
With this update, customers gain greater control over who can create, edit, and delete catalog items, empowering administrators to fine-tune access rights according to organizational needs. Whether managing a small team or a large enterprise, users can now enforce customized permissions to ensure data integrity and security. Simply navigate to the user & permissions section within the account settings to configure access levels tailored to your requirements.
Small things
  • Can now search your change orders within a project
  • Additional stage and state colors available in Settings
  • Removed redundancy in the navigation bar
  • Various small UI improvements