Release 58: Optional Locations & Systems
Optional Locations & Systems
Sell more by presenting your clients with optional locations and systems that they can choose to add on to their job. Show clients your vision and allow them to select these add ons right in your proposal. Once they make a selection, all product and labor totals will be automatically updated on their proposal in real time.
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Client Page Redesign
The client page has been overhauled to give you quicker access to the information you're really looking for, as well as a few new features such as the ability to change opportunity and project statuses, and a glimpse at features yet to come 😉
Client - Detailed View - R57 - Coming Soon Option
Purchase Order Improvements
You now have the ability to leave notes on your purchase orders and export your purchase orders to a CSV file.
Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11
Email "Reply to" and "Send copy to" Options
You can now specify who should receive responses to your emails that are sent through D-Tools Cloud. You can also now send a copy of your emails to multiple members on your team, in addition to yourself.
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Gallery & Attachment Sections on Change Orders
Make change orders more personalized with access to gallery and attachment sections. You have the ability to add these sections onto your change orders in the same way you can for proposals.
Accepted Quote Flags on Kanban Cards
Easily distinguish opportunities that contain accepted proposals just by taking a glance at your kanban cards!
Edit Opportunity Won Date
You now have the ability to edit the won date of an opportunity as you are turning it into a project! To do this, simply click on the date in the upper left hand corner of the "Congratulations" dialog that comes up when you mark the opportunity as won.
Real Time Chat Email Notification Preferences
Turn off or on email notifications that alert you to new messages that you have received via in-app chat.
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Additional Project Type Options
Within settings, you can now designate a default proposal template and set of payment terms for a given project type. This proposal template and payment terms will then be automatically applied to any quote within an opportunity of that type.
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Proposal Product Section Custom Titles
Further customize the product section of your proposal by adding in a custom title!
Quote Version Number Display Options
Further customize the cover sections of your proposals by indicating whether or not you would like the version number to be shown.
Various Performance and Interface Improvements, and Bug Fixes
  • A special D-Tools badge for users on the Gold Support plan
  • View project stages in list view
  • UI update to the Manage Pricing banner on the Catalog home page
  • Lists all follow the same format throughout Cloud
  • Improved button visibility on Clients and Contacts
  • Ability to see the Owner's name in a CSV import template in Clients & Contacts
  • And more